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Dragon Ball GT The Complete Series DVD

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Product Information of Dragon Ball GT The Complete Series DVD

Actors: Sean Schemmel, Eric Vale
Directors: Christopher Neel, Jeremy Carlisle
Format: Multiple Formats, Animated, Box set, Color, NTSC
Language: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English
Region: Region Free
Number of discs: 10
Rated: NR Not Rated
Studio: Funimation
DVD Release Date: 2016

Dragon Ball GT The Complete Series DVD

Summary of Dragon Ball GT The Complete Series DVD

A year after Baby's defeat, Dr. Myuu (Baby's creator) and Dr. Gero (creator of the Red Ribbon Army androids), create a replica of Android 17 and have it fuse with the original Android 17, creating Super 17. Super 17 at first seems impervious to Goku's attacks, but when Android 18 attacks him for killing Krillin, Goku takes advantage of the distraction to penetrate through Super 17 with his Dragon Fist technique,Dragon Ball GT The Complete Series DVD then fires a Kamehameha through the wound.Due to overuse of the Dragon Balls, seven Shadow Dragons are then created. All but the most powerful, Syn Shenron, are defeated. Syn Shenron appears to be losing until he absorbs the Dragon Balls and gains more power, becoming Omega Shenron and overwhelming Goku. Goku is about to sacrifice himself to destroy the evil dragon, but then Vegeta turns up in Super Saiyan 4 form, thanks to Bulma's new device, the Blutz Wave Generator. Goku and Vegeta fuse, creating Gogeta, who uses his immense power to taunt Omega Shenron. However, their fusion then ends and Goku loses Super Saiyan 4 form along with Vegeta. Eventually, using the energy of every living being in the universe, Goku makes a Spirit Bomb powerful enough to destroy Omega Shenron.

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